The 54th European Go Congress is happy to announce a number of Go Professionals - from China Qi-Yuan, Korea Baduk Association and Kansai Ki-in - visiting the Congress teaching, playing simultaneous games, lecturing and generally giving the go players good time and valuable advice. You can also meet most of the European professionals in the Congress and ask for a hint on how to become a pro.

Saijo Masataka 9 dan

Saijo Sensei, from Nihon Ki-in Nagoya Branch (retired), is already a familiar figure for most of the visitors of the previous go congresses. He is giving instructive and entertaining lessons about various go topics, commenting players' games and also guiding beginners to the deeper understanding of the game.


Mok Chin-seok 9 dan

Korean Baduk Association 9 dan professional, one of the top players in Korea. (In 2008 Mok played 122 games, winning 93: both are record numbers.) Mok was born 20 January 1980. He turned professional in 1994 and reached 9 Dan in 2005. He is known for his knowledge of Chinese and speaks English as well.



Zhang Wendong 9 dan

Zhang Wendong (Born 1969 in Beijing) won the World Amateur Go Championship in 1988. When he became professional, he was made 5 dan immediately. He reached 9 dan in 1993. He is now the President of China Qi-Yuan Weiqi Department and very active in promoting go and organizing go events.


Muraoka Shigeyuki 9 dan

Muraoka Shigeyuki 9 dan from Kansai Ki-in. Born on 28 Aug 1955, 1 dan in 1979, 9 dan 1993.





Kim Sung-Rae 8 dan

Korean Baduk Association 8 dan professional. Kim Sung-Rae was born 9 November 1963. He turned professional in 1996 and reached 8 Dan in 2010. He was also a professor in the Myongji University in Korea. He has written many books on Korean Baduk, for example "Korean Style of Baduk" and "Train Like a Pro".


Ko Ju-Yeon 8 dan

Korean Baduk Association 8 dan professional. Ko Ju-Yeon was born 4 July 1989. She became professional in 2006 and reached 8 Dan in 2010.




Lee Youngsin 8 dan

Korean Baduk Association 8 dan professional. Lee Youngsin was born 20 February 1977. She became professional in 1990 and was promoted to 8 Dan in 2010.


Tan Yanwu 7 dan

Born 1951 in Wuchang City, Hubei Province. The Vice President of Beijing Qi-Yuan. Learnt go at age 12 and joined national training squad when 27 years old. 7 dan in 1986.


Hayashi Kozo 6 dan

Hayashi Kozo 6 dan from Kansai Ki-in. Born in 17 Jan 1963, 1 dan in 1983, 6 dan 1992.





Catalin Taranu 5 dan

Nihon Ki-in 5 dan professional. Born in 1973 in Romania. Taranu went to Japan at the age of 23 as a 6 dan amateur, and after two years of study became a pro 1997 at the Nagoya branch of the Nihon Kiin. Promoted to 5 dan in 2001. Since April 2004 returned to Europe and founded the Saijo Association in Bucharest, Romania. The President of the Romanian Go Federation. Taranu's teacher is Saijo Sensei.


Lee Hajin 3 dan

Korean Baduk Association 3 dan professional. Lee Hajin was born 21 June 1988. She became professional in 2005 and 3 Dan in 2006. She is fluent in English and opened up an English language blog Star Baduk about professional Baduk in Korea.


Muraoka Mika 4 dan

Muraoka Mika 4 dan from Kansai Ki-in. Born on 19 Sep 1963, 1 dan in 1983, 4 dan 1997.




Alexander Dinerchtein 3 dan

Korean Baduk Association 3 dan professional. Dinerchtein is a 7-time European champion, the main editor of the Goama magazine, the director of the Insei League on KGS/DGS and the main expert, with many other go activities.


Diana Koszegi 1 dan

Korean Baduk Association 1 dan professional. Koszegi was born in 1983 in Hungary. She started playing go at the age of 9. She went to study go in Korea in 2005 and became a professional in 2008.




Updated 9.7.2010.