Zhuyeqing Tea 54th European Go Congress

24th July - 7th August 2010, Tampere, Finland

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August 7, 2010

Congratulations to the European Go Champion 2010, Ilya Shikshin 7 dan from Russia!

Main Tournament and other results.


Welcome to Finland in 2010. The 54th European Go Congress will be hosted in the very center of the City of Tampere, a southern Finland city located between two beautiful lakes. With a population of 210 000 it is the most populous inland city in the Nordic countries. Tampere has been known for its textile and metal industries, nowadays for information technology. The city offers a wide range of activities for the friends of art, culture and sports.

Source: gotampere.fiThe European Go Congress is the biggest go event outside Asia. The Congress includes the European Championship tournament, many side tournaments and other go-related events. This go congress will reach the record degree of the northern latitude but don't worry, the summer time is warm, beautiful and the summer nights are bright in Finland.

Tampere also provides good possibilities for sightseeing and trips. How about a cruise on lake Näsijärvi or visiting the amusement park Särkänniemi?


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