August 8, 2010

The European Go Congress 2010 is now over and the players and the organizers are packing things up. For your convenience, we list some of the Internet resources about EGC 2010, some in form of discussions, some blogs and some photo albums. If you want to have a link here (or taken off from here), please send a note to <>.

The 2010 European Go Congress Song by Francis Roads (pdf)

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August 7, 2010

Congratulations to the European Go Champion 2010, Ilya Shikshin 7 dan from Russia!

Main Tournament Final Results.

August 3, 2010

Zhuyeqing Tea 54th European Go Congress Greetings!

EGC 2010 Group Photo
European Go Congress Field Photo. Photo: Sari Kohonen

July 28, 2010

Man vs. Machine - Super Computers Are Learning Fast the 4000 Years Old Game of Go

The latest state-of-the-art go computer program MogoTW used 512 cores of one of the most powerful super computers, the Cray XT4/XT5 of CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd., when it met the top European go master Catalin Taranu, 5 dan professional, in a challenge match at the European Go Congress in Tampere. The match took place on Wednesday 28th July 2010 in the front of the EGC 2010 audience.

On a small-sized 9x9 go boards, the computers are already faring very well playing almost evenly against their master level human opponents. Taranu has met Mogo before in 2008 and 2009 and confessed that he prepared for these 9x9 matches. On the standard 19x19 go board the story is different though, the computers still belong to the student category and need a large handicap against skilled players.

"I'm surprised," explained Catalin Taranu after the Man vs. Machine games against MogoTW. "Based on my earlier experiences against Mogo, I expected a very hard game on the 9x9 board and weaker resistance on 19x19 but this time it was different. The 9x9 was easy, maybe the computer got confused when I played a little bit irregular opening. On the large board the computer played very well, even giving up points in the endgame. I thought it would like to win by half a point only," he said smiling. "Congratulations for the MogoTW research team."

In the 9x9 game MogoTW had black (white got 7.5 point komi as compensation) and played first three moves as one-point jumps splitting the board. The strategy didn't work well when white lived on both sides which didn't leave too much territory for black, not to mention the relatively large 7.5 point komi normally used. MogoTW resigned the game.

The 19x19 game was played giving MogoTW a 7-stone handicap. Taranu played his normal sensei-style - not using any dirty tricks but playing good moves and steady development catching the handicap a little by little. MogoTW built central influence but at the same time kept three big corners. When suddenly the centre area materialized as black territory, the computer was leading comfortably in the endgame. It wasn't upset at all even if giving up large endgame points, the game was won by 1.5 points after all.

Games: 9x9 Man-Machine 1-0, 19x19 Man-Machine 0-1 (on 7 handicap stones).

About the Machine
MoGoTW will be running on a part of the Louhi Cray XT4/XT5 supercomputer, which with 10864 compute cores takes the place #74 on the world top 500 supercomputers list. The super computer resources are kindly provided by CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd..

Mogo is the first go-playing program to use Monte Carlo methods with UCT (Upper Confidence bounds applied to Trees). It uses patterns in the simulations and improvements in the UCT tree search. The initial development was made during the Yizao Wang's internship at INRIA and Ecole Polytechnique with Sylvain Gelly, Remi Munos and Olivier Teytaud. This version, MogoTW, is a joint project between the MoGo team and a Taiwanese team.

About the Man
Catalin Taranu is a 5 dan professional in the Japan Go Association. Born in 1973 in Romania. Taranu went to Japan at the age of 23 as a 6 dan amateur, and after two years of study became a pro 1997 at the Nagoya branch of the Nihon Kiin. Promoted to 5 dan in 2001. Since April 2004 returned to Europe and founded the Saijo Association in Bucharest, Romania. European Go Champion 2008.

July 25, 2010

The first round has started. 398 players started their games today, and more will follow. The results of the first round and the rapid tournament updated.

July 20, 2010

Welcome to Tampere and to the first EGC organized in Finland! The Zhuyeqing Tea 54th European Go Congress will start on Saturday 24th this week and we hope that you can feel the coming go holiday already. In this message we give some practical info about the first days in the congress.

1. Please come in time. The registration is open on Friday 23rd 12:00-24:00 and on Saturday 24th 09:00-24:00.

The pairing for the first round of the Main Tournament will be done based on the arrivals by 24:00. (Otherwise we need a good notice by email from the late arrivals).

2. The address of the Congress Site is Aleksanteri School, Hallituskatu 26. You are advised to enter the school area through the park from the Hämeenkatu direction, though. We have set up many signs around the area.

3. On Saturday 24th the Opening Ceremony - sponsored by the City of Tampere - will be held in the Vapriikki Museum 18:00 in the old renovated textile industry area. The distance from the playing site is about 1.5 km and we will arrange a nice Congress City Walk (shortest route to Vapriikki) starting 17:20 at the Aleksanteri School.

4. If you have your accommodation in the Omena Hotel, have your Reservation Code with you. The Reservation Code is your key to the hotel room.

5. If you haven't got any accommodation yet and you are ok with the school accommodation, there is still plenty of room there.

Note: The playing locations are school areas and the Finnish law and city regulations strictly prohibit smoking and alcohol drinks. For these kind of refreshments, you need to go outside the school area.

Best Regards,

EGC 2010 Organization Team

July 9, 2010

Meet our professionals! We have now confirmed 14 professional go players visiting the European Go Congress in Tampere and maybe a couple of more pros will drop by. The introduction for each go master is available at the Professionals page:

Saijo Masataka 9 dan, Nihon Ki-in Nagoya Branch (retired)
Mok Chin-seok 9 dan, Korean Baduk Association
Zhang Wendong 9 dan, China Qi-Yuan
Muraoka Shigeyuki 9 dan, Kansai Ki-in
Kim Sung-Rae 8 dan, Korean Baduk Association
Ko Ju-Yeon 8 dan, Korean Baduk Association
Lee Youngsin 8 dan, Korean Baduk Association
Tan Yanwu 7 dan, China Qi-Yuan
Hayashi Kozo 6 dan, Kansai Ki-in
Catalin Taranu 5 dan, Nihon Ki-in (Europe)
Muraoka Mika 4 dan, Kansai Ki-in
Lee Hajin 3 dan, Korean Baduk Association
Alexander Dinerchtein 3 dan, Korean Baduk Association (Europe)
Diana Koszegi 1 dan, Korean Baduk Association (Europe)

June 22, 2010
Professionals from Korean Baduk Association and Kansai Ki-in confirmed to visit EGC 2010! Check out the photos for getting a real pro commentary for your games in congress.

June 22, 2010
Computer Go Tournament is on! The smartest AI's will contest the game on 9x9 and 19x19 boards Wednesday 4th August.

May 30, 2010
Zhuyeqing Tea is the main sponsor of the European Go Congress 2010 and thus continues the extensive support for the European go. The financial support of the Zhuyeqing Tea company allows us to organize extra activities and create a nicer congress.

May 21, 2010
Saijo Masataka 9 dan will attend the EGC 2010! Saijo Sensei will - in his inimitable style - give instructive and entertaining lessons about various topics, comment players' games and also guide beginners to the deeper understanding of the game. We are pleased to welcome Saijo Sensei to Tampere.

More news about attending professionals will follow in early June.

May 7, 2010
The inexpensive alternative for the School accommodation during the Go Congress is now confirmed, see the Accommodation info page.

December 16, 2009
The list of the registered players is now available, with close to two hundred participants already registered. See the menu on the left or go directly to the Registered players list.

November 11, 2009
The online registration form is now open! To complete the registration for the European Go Congress 2010, go to the Registration page.

The deadline for the lowest registration fee is extended until the end of December 2009.

July 20, 2009
Come and meet us at the European Go Congress 2009 in Groeningen. There'll be a good number of Finnish go players attending the congress and we'll set up our Go North! - EGC 2010 Tampere info desk for personal information sharing. You can register for the next year's congress at our booth or buy the congress t-shirt well in advance there.

July 20, 2009
The European Go Congress 2010 Tampere web information package launched. These web pages contain a lot of practical information about how to reach and where to live in Tampere. Please note that there will be regular updates for the pages, especially for the registration information, later after this year's go congress in Groeningen.