We provide a wide range of accommodation in the city centre: hotels, hostels and school accommodation.

Hotels and Hostels

We have made hotel booking very easy for you by opening a Confedent International booking site. Please CLICK HERE to get information on available hotels in Tampere and make your reservation.

Omena Hotel

Omena is a hotel chain that offers low price accommodation. There are two Omena Hotels in Tampere. The rooms are 4-bedded, usually one double bed and two bed chairs or a bed sofa. You can book your room at Omena on their website. You will receive a booking confirmation and your personal door code - the Omena doesn't have a reception. No further check-in procedure is needed.

The prices in Omena depend a little of the time of your booking: the sooner you book, the cheaper it'll most likely be. If you book now, the price is only 44-55 euros per room! (No breakfast included.) Be quick - these hotels are very popular.

Camping and Cabins

Härmälä is a popular camping site located 4 km from the city centre (Bus Nr 1 has a frequent connection to the Central Square). The site offers a summer hotel, camping cabins of 2 to 5 persons and lots of space for caravans and tents. We have made the preliminary bookings for the camping site. The cabin reservations can be sent to the email address, use the code "Suomen go-liitto" for booking a room from our quota.

Summer Hotel

  • Double room 56e/night (10 rooms)
  • Single room 42e/night (5 rooms)


  • Cabin for 2 persons, 38e/night (6 cabins)
  • Cabin for 3, 48e/night (7 cabins)
  • Cabin for 4, 58e/night (10 cabins)
  • Cabin for 4+, 66e/night (15 cabins)
  • Cabin for 5, 66e/night (15 cabins)

School Accommodation Fully Booked!

We regret that the school accommodation quota is now full and there is no place for new arrivals. If you have reserved your placed in advance, there's no problem of course.